APICS exams

To earn the CPIM designation candidates must pass all exams of the 5 CPIM modules and earn a score of 300 points or higher per exam.

  • BSCM: Basics of Supply Chain Management
  • MPR: Master Planning of Resources
  • DSP: Detailed Scheduling & Planning
  • ECO: Execution & Control of Operations
  • SMR: Strategic Management of Resources


To earn the CSCP or CLTD designation candidates must pass one final exam.


Apply for your APICS CPIM, CSCP or CLTD exam

APICS ID number

In order to proceed, all candidates must have an APICS ID number. Not yet an APICS ID number? Please access the Register page on the APICS web site. Fill out the required form and an email will be sent to you with your ID number. You do not need to be an APICS member to have an APICS ID number.


Eligibility application (for CSCP and CLTD only)

CSCP and CLTD candidates have to check eligibility before they can apply for the exam. Submitting your eligibility application is free and easy. Complete your eligibility application for the APICS CSCP exam now. Candidates will receive immediate status notification upon application submission.


Purchase your exam credit

Candidates purchase their exam credit with vLm, APICS Premier Channel Partner in The Netherlands. Go visit: https://my.vlm.nl/activiteiten/apics, select your certification and time frame and purchase directly with iDeal (or request an invoice – call +31 79 3300252).


Authorization To Test (ATT)

After the exam credit purchase the candidate receives a notification email from APICS requests an Authorization to Test (ATT) on www.apics.org. APICS sends an ATT email with scheduling instructions; the candidate schedules the exam with Pearson VUE by selecting country, venue, date  & timeslot of his/her preference. The candidates takes the exam on the selected date and time at the selected venue.


For further details and exam credit purchases visit: : https://my.vlm.nl/activiteiten/apics


Questions? Call vLm: +31 79 3300252 or send an email to [email protected].